Delivering value to our customers

We are committed to providing the best service for our customers.


Customers who rated service as “great”


(rated us 9 or 10 out of 10
for service)

Repeat business


What this means to us

  • We want to be the best for service in our industry and we always aim to build long-term and successful relationships with our customers
  • Customer service excellence is integrated into our values and is core to the way we approach our work
  • We develop relationships through trust and transparency, to ensure we deliver the best possible service, continually improve and identify ways to achieve competitive advantage 
  • We make significant investments in specialist skills and knowledge to ensure we have the capability to deliver critical infrastructure to support our customers’ low-carbon ambition.​​​​

Be transparent and responsive to customer and stakeholder feedback

Building trust, through engaging and operating with honesty and transparency, is crucial to developing customer relationships that will underpin business growth and this is a fundamental element of the Group’s values and service excellence culture.

We proactively engage customers on every project to understand how well we delivered for them. This is done face to face or via online surveys, which can also be completed on our operatives’ tablets. Its purpose is to capture feedback on how we have performed, and that feedback is used to inform improvements in how we deliver for our customers, identify ways we can provide added value and understand our competitive position. For customers with higher volumes of repeat business, we also have regular performance review meetings to discuss our service in depth and identify any opportunities to enhance our offer to them. 

We have seen sustained improvements in the percentage of customers who rated our service as great (9 or 10 out of 10), reaching 89% this year. Any customer that expresses dissatisfaction, for example by providing a score of 6 or less, is contacted to address concerns, with learnings fed into continual improvement processes.

To incentivise great service and customer relationships, we recognise employees who are praised by or go above and beyond for our customers with quarterly “Spirit” and “Instant Recognition” awards.

Continually improve in-service delivery and respond to evolving customer needs

We are committed to using customer feedback to improve, innovate and differentiate the business as customer needs and expectations evolve.

To ensure we capture a clear, accurate and increasingly deeper view of our performance from our customers, we will also be reporting sentiment using the net promoter score (NPS) system for FY21, along with introducing more detailed, qualitative customer surveys for repeat customers. The NPS system provides a better indication of whether our customers would use us again and recommend us to their industry peers. To ensure that we always secure an accurate representation of customer sentiment via the NPS system, it will also be validated, and the results explored, through the new qualitative customer surveys and regular performance meetings. 

We are also building stronger, more collaborative relationships with key customers and the bodies that represent their industries, for example the HBF, to ensure that we remain prepared to meet their evolving needs in a changing energy landscape. 

As we move towards a net-zero future, there is some uncertainty around how our customers will be obliged to energise their developments, and this is an emerging concern for many of them. We are making it clear to our customers that we are here to help and support them by monitoring industry developments and providing advice on how changes in energy regulation may impact their developments now and in the future.

Develop our capabilities, experience and strategic partnerships

Fulcrum’s electricity and gas capabilities put us in a strong position to support customers by coordinating their utility infrastructure and energy requirements to achieve time and cost efficiencies and we continue to develop our multi-utility service offering to enhance this.

We are prioritising the expansion of our multi-utility offering to include additional services like fibre. As we develop new products, we consider the whole life value for our customers and look to provide added value where we can. For example, we are developing a fibre offering that has market-leading speed and provides flexible, open access. This delivers added value to the home builder by providing an internet service that is more attractive to home buyers.

We are also exploring emerging green technologies that will complement more traditional utility infrastructure power and heat developmentsand see this as key to supporting a net-zero revolution.

Our strategic relationship with ESP provides added customer value by enabling us to compete on cost on larger sites for customers who have trusted us with their smaller developments. The innovative adoption solutions we can offer collaboratively also offer developers greater choice and provide options for long-term customer value, for example by reducing ongoing network or energy charges.

Utilise our expertise to support our customers’ low-carbon transition

As the energy landscape in the UK changes, we will help our customers by providing support and advice on their obligations as we move towards a net-zero future.

We are also committed to enabling our customers to reduce their carbon impact by using our expertise and breadth of offering to provide “green options” for their development. These are alternative utility infrastructure solutions that will achieve a lower carbon impact.