Accelerating the UK's net-zero revolution

We take our responsibility towards supporting the UK’s net-zero revolution seriously.

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Reduction in fuel consumption


What this means to us

  • By connecting the nation in a sustainable way, we are helping the UK meet its net-zero carbon targets and ultimately reduce the impacts of climate change
  • Through the diversification of our services we are working to identify innovative solutions that will drive the nation’s low-carbon transition
  • Through the appropriate governance and risk management processes, we seek to actively manage the physical and transitional climate-related risks related to our business and we are proactively reducing the carbon emissions in our business operations

Support the UK’s net-zero carbon goals

to deliver its net-zero revolution, and we take our responsibility to support this seriously. We are excited by the opportunities this transformation presents and are committed to using our utility infrastructure knowledge and capabilities to play a part in supporting the UK to achieve its net-zero ambitions.

We commit to do this by reducing our own carbon impact, by helping our customers deliver vital energy infrastructure that supports a net-zero future and by enabling our customers to make more informed, “greener” choices in how they heat and power their developments.

Through our broad capabilities and experience, we are strongly positioned to support the UK to achieve its net-zero ambitions. We are already delivering services and solutions that are contributing to a greener future, such as designing and building electric vehicle charging infrastructure, delivering smart meter exchange programmes and providing solutions to power and maintain renewable energy generating infrastructure, including battery storage sites, wind farms and solar farms.

Reducing the carbon impact of their operations is becoming increasingly important to our customers, especially as their awareness of impending or future obligations increases. Our knowledge and capabilities can help them select options for their new developments that also consider carbon impact, as well as engineering and cost.

To support the smart energy revolution, we provide flexible and customer-centric smart meter exchange programmes nationally and this has seen us become the supplier of choice for many emerging or specialist energy suppliers. We are engaging priority UK energy suppliers with our services to support them to achieve their smart meter obligations in an efficient way and our scalable delivery model positions us strongly to do this.

Reduce carbon emissions from our business operations

We commit to reducing our own carbon impact by reducing the emissions from our operations and we take our responsibility to do this seriously.

In the year, we focused heavily on planning and operational efficiency to ensure that the carbon impact from our activity is minimised and began trials on electric excavators as an alternative to diesel powered ones. We have also been working collaboratively with our fleet provider on plans to increase the number of electric company cars and have several incentives, including free electric vehicle charging facilities at our head office, to support uptake.

To ensure that we robustly identify our carbon footprint, and track and measure the success of our carbon reduction plans, we have commissioned the Carbon Trust to implement its “Footprint Manager” data collection and reporting service to enable us to include relevant data required by the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting regulations. This data is in the process of being collated and once available will be included in future years.

We see this as the first step in a collaborative relationship with the Carbon Trust, whose capabilities and experience in reducing carbon impact will enable us to develop the Group’s carbon reduction roadmap and will support us in enabling our customers to make greener choices to do the same.

Invest in sustainable product innovation

Positioning the business for a net-zero future is a strategic priority for the Group. This means we commit to offer a full product portfolio, including renewable energy generating options, that will give our customers greater and unceasingly greener choices to power and heat their projects. We are already exploring renewable product options that will complement a more traditional multi-utility infrastructure package and are engaging customers on potential trial schemes.