We are maintaining our Covid-19 safety measures

19 Jul 2021

Message From Terry Dugdale, Chief Executive Officer

During the pandemic we have always followed government guidance, responding and adapting quickly to keep everyone protected from Covid-19.   As we pass what has been billed as ‘Freedom Day’, when several restrictions have been lifted by the government, I thought it was important give a short update on our ongoing approach to Covid safety.

At the core of our values is the safety of our people, customers, partners and the public, which has been crucial during the pandemic. Our team have demonstrated resilience and dedication throughout, and we remain committed to operating in the safest possible way when working in our offices, depots, on sites all over the country or in customers’ homes. 

This means that, despite the changes to government guidance, we’ll be keeping the same level of safety measures in place that have helped us successfully work throughout the pandemic, delivering for our customers and keeping everyone safe. 

Stay Safe. Terry.