COVID-19: An update from Daren Harris, Chief Executive Officer

17 Apr 2020

Our commitment throughout the COVID-19 crisis has been to always be a responsible business. The safety and wellbeing of our people, our customers and the communities we work in will come first and foremost and this has not, and will not, change.

We were one of the first businesses to stand down all non-essential utility site works, and we have continued to follow and review Government advice and safety guideline changes to ensure the ongoing safety of our operations.  

Recent changes in Government advice relating to new construction, have now also been considered, and we have responded and updated our COVID-19 policy accordingly.

Our COVID-19 policy. How we are responding, responsibly

We believe that the most responsible way forward now, is to support our stakeholders and to continue to help connect the nation, by delivering works when our customers need us to. 

This means we are now implementing a phased remobilisation of our workforce to deliver the utility projects that our customers need us to start, or recommence, and I want to reassure all our stakeholders that all works will be delivered in line with the following rigorous policies and principles:

  • All utility works will be delivered under strict COVID-19 safety guidelines, in addition to our existing stringent safety measures. We have created specific COVID-19 safety training for our people and COVID-19 risk assessments to support this
  • Planning and remobilisation will be arranged in close communication with our customers. All works will be assessed using our COVID-19 risk assessments before being planned or recommencing
  • To protect our people, customers and the communities they work in, we will only remobilise projects where COVID-19 safety guidelines can be met
  • Our people continue to be fully empowered to not-start, or to stop ongoing works, on site should have they have safety concerns
Emergencies and safety related service provision

This doesn’t change and we remain fully resourced and available for all emergency and safety related work on gas and electricity networks and meters.

Enhanced emergency services to critical sites:

We continue to deliver enhanced and prioritised emergency service provision to sites providing critical services such as hospitals, food manufacturing plants, electricity generation sites and medical research facilities.

The free of charge, proactive electrical inspection services to these sites also continue and we are very proud to be able to play a part in supporting the nation combat COVID-19.

Our back-office functions are also continuing to operate effectively on a business as usual basis whilst our office-based people work from home.

We will continue to respond, responsibly

We continue to follow Government advice and respond to this evolving situation with true Fulcrum spirit.  A huge thank you goes to all our people, who are doing an incredible job under unprecedented circumstances. Their commitment and tenacity has been, and continues to be, outstanding.

The team and I would like to again thank all our customers and our partners for their incredible resilience and support during these challenging times. We are all in this together.   

We promise to always do the right thing for our customers, our people and the communities we work in as the COVID-19 situation develops. Stay Safe and Stay Together.