Greater support for housebuilders required to meet Government electric vehicle charging plans

9 Jul 2018

The UK’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure specialist, Fulcrum, has welcomed the Government’s proposals to install charging points in new homes, business parks and lampposts, but recommends more support for housebuilders to ensure its success.

Fulcrum’s Head of EV Charging Solutions Foad Albakri said: “The Government’s consultation needs to be clear on housebuilders’ responsibilities for installing charging stations and understand the cost implications and infrastructure requirements. 

“The strategy needs to set out housebuilders’ obligations to ensure they can establish a robust supply chain that can deliver on the requirements in such a way that doesn’t dramatically push up house prices or increase build times.

For example, major housing developments may require larger electricity cables and the construction of an additional sub-station to ensure car charging can be successfully delivered.

“We are currently talking to housebuilders about incorporating charging stations in their developments and how it is possible to overcome these challenges to make sure the country’s environmental ambitions and our housebuilding targets can be met.”

Fulcrum designs and installs the power cable infrastructure, which connects the electricity grid to dedicated vehicle charging stations and works closely with various charging station providers to deliver a complete EV charging package to its customers.