Fulcrum to end installation of classic domestic meters in support of new government obligations

17 May 2019

Fulcrum is committed to helping consumers save energy, and support its clients meet their obligations, by announcing a change of policy surrounding the installation of domestic meters.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy have set the implementation date for the New and Replacement Obligations (NRO) as the 30 June 2019. These new rules require energy suppliers to take all reasonable steps to install a compliant smart meter where a meter is replaced or where a meter is installed for the first time.

Smart meters are designed to make households more energy efficient by allowing consumers to see in real time how much energy is being used and the effects of switching off a light or turning down the thermostat by a degree.

As a Meter Asset Provider, Meter Asset Manager (MAM) and Meter Operator (MOP), Fulcrum will comply with the New and Replacement Obligations by ceasing the installation of classic domestic meters from 30 June 2019.