Fulcrum backs World EV Day as its team make the switch to drive electric

9 Sep 2021

Fulcrum is backing World EV Day’s ambition to power electric vehicle uptake.

Taking place on 9 September, World EV Day is asking businesses across the world how they are driving change to support emobility. 

The company is helping the UK make the transition to electric vehicles, through the delivery of energy infrastructure to power Britain’s net-zero future that includes the EV charging network.

In addition, Fulcrum is also driving change within the business with a series of initiatives that are part of its strategy to become carbon neutral by 2030.

This includes incentivising its employees to make the switch to EV and removing petrol cars from its company car options.  It has also installed a group of EV charging points at its head office in Sheffield, which use 100% renewably generated electricity.

Among the first to swap to battery powered motoring are Head of EV Infrastructure Steven Green, and Head of Commercial Rebecca Huby.

Steven drives a Tesla Model X Long Range, which he collected last month having driven hybrids since the start of the year.  

He said: “Driving an EV sits well with my personal ambition to help reduce C02 and get more control on how I use energy and the price I purchase it for.  I can use my home solar generation more effectively and have ‘time of use’ tariff where I get four hours of 5p/Kwhr daily charging.

“I love the car, which comes with an excellent base line of technology, which complements my driving experience.  

“The Tesla supercharger network brings confidence with longer journey travel that will only be enhanced by the growing UK charging network, which, of course, Fulcrum is part of delivering.”

Rebecca is also enjoying life behind the wheel of an EV having chosen a Tesla Model 3.  As well as benefiting from the government’s current EV company car incentives, Rebecca is also pleased to be contributing to reducing carbon emissions.

“I share Fulcrum’s commitment to supporting the UK’s transition to become net-zero and doing it from the driving seat of my Tesla is a great way to help!  Since getting my EV I’ve also switched my energy at home to all renewable sources to further reduce the environmental impact of driving as I charge at home as well as at work.

“This is really important as my commute is 80 miles, so every little improvement I can make is a benefit.” 

And, for Rebecca, the environmental benefits are matched by the enjoyment of driving the car.

“I love its performance.  My previous car was a three-litre diesel, so I was worried the Tesla might not perform as well.  I was wrong…its better!”

To find out more about World EV Day, visit: www.worldevday.org