EV charging specialist Alex Hinchcliffe joins Fulcrum

18 Nov 2019

Fulcrum has strengthened the expertise within its Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure operations with the appointment of industry specialist Alex Hinchcliffe as Head of Business Development.

Alex will lead Fulcrum’s EV business development division and will be responsible for building relationships with new and existing customers to deliver bespoke EV charging solutions.

With extensive knowledge of the sector, having co-founded an EV charging business and recently providing management consultancy services to a Charge Point Operator, Alex will develop Fulcrum’s EV service and grow its EV infrastructure capabilities across complementary areas of the group, such as in its industrial and commercial and housing utility infrastructure divisions.

Alex also takes an active role in the development of the UK’s overall rollout of EV charging infrastructure, being a member of the Renewable Energy Association’s (REA) EV Steering Group, which includes prominent figures from the EV charge point operations sector.

The steering group identifies the barriers to effective roll out of a viable public EV charge point network and works collectively to support the development of solutions to encourage the wide-scale adoption of the technology.

Prior to joining Fulcrum, Alex has enjoyed a broad and varied career, which began in recruitment, taking him to Australia to establish a specialist education division for Hays. While in Australia he made a career change becoming a personal trainer, which led to him managing a team of more than 50 trainers.

Alex returned to the UK in 2015, remaining in the fitness industry for a year before co-founding Alfa Power, which went on to set a number of EV charging industry-firsts, including being the first company to launch a 120kW charger.

Alex Hinchcliffe said: “Fulcrum is in an excellent position to help deliver the infrastructure the UK requires to create an effective and robust EV charging network that will have a significant impact on the low-carbon ambitions of the country.

“Through my work in this sector I am keen to build on the relationships that Fulcrum has already established in the EV market, while also exploring the opportunities to further incorporate charging infrastructure projects into other areas of the group’s operations.”

Craig Baugh, Director of Sales and Marketing at Fulcrum, said: “Alex brings considerable expertise and knowledge of the EV charging market, which will complement the strong team of specialists we have developed at Fulcrum.

“Fulcrum is committed to playing a key role in supporting the UK’s target of increasing the use of electric vehicles as part of the decarbonisation of our environment. As a result, we are working closely with our customers and industry stakeholders, to deliver a nation-wide network of new charging points.”