Collaboration delivers Electric Vehicle Charging Service at Yorkshire stately home, Bowcliffe Hall

9 Sep 2020

Fulcrum, a leading UK utility infrastructure and services provider, has collaborated with the Bayford Group and ChargePoint to deliver an innovative Electric Vehicle charging solution at a Yorkshire stately home.

One of the UK’s leading entrepreneurial groups, which is made up of energy businesses, property investment and development and hospitality operations, the Bayford Group has teamed up with Fulcrum and ChargePoint to provide an end-to-end EV charging operation at Bowcliffe Hall in West Yorkshire. 

With Fulcrum designing and installing the electrical infrastructure utilising ChargePoint’s EV charging solutions, Bayford Group company Gulf Gas & Power UK will be the energy supplier as well as managing payment processes.

The 19th Century country home located near Wetherby, owned by the Bayford Group, has been transformed into one of the country’s leading modern office, meetings and events venues.  

It was one of the first venues of its kind to feature early-model EV chargers and this new project, designed and built by Fulcrum, will deliver a significant upgrade to the existing technology and scope for future expansion and growth.

Fulcrum has installed the electrical infrastructure and three twin socket, 22kW fast charging stations, creating six bays for EV vehicles at Bowcliffe Hall.

Additional infrastructure has also been laid between a newly installed substation and ChargePoint charging solutions that have enabled the creation of a further four bays.

This project is part of Fulcrum’s growing presence in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure market and its ambitions to support the UK’s net-zero targets with the implementation of a comprehensive UK network of charging stations.

The company already works with a number of EV charging technology providers, including ChargePoint, as well as directly with a range of customers to deliver the essential electrical infrastructure needed to power new charging infrastructure in an increasing number of locations across Britain.

Daren Harris, CEO of Fulcrum said: “Through this collaboration, we have brought together the skills, experience and resources to deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end, EV charging solution for Bowcliffe Hall, which can be replicated across the country.

“The creation of a robust network of charging locations is essential to achieve a more comprehensive roll-out of electric vehicles across the country to help the UK meet its net-zero targets and Fulcrum is very strongly positioned to support this.”

Jonathan Turner, Chief Executive of the Bayford Group, who also recently joined the executive board of Fulcrum Group as a Non-Executive Director, said: “I was really keen to bring together the capabilities of the project partners to deliver a comprehensive EV charging service for Bowcliffe Hall and its visitors, which has the potential to also be adopted by other businesses across the UK.

“The upgrade of the facilities at Bowcliffe Hall is also a great way to demonstrate the first collaboration between the Bayford Group, in particular Gulf Gas & Power UK, Fulcrum and ChargePoint. Bowcliffe Hall has always been a progressive venue embracing the traditional and the contemporary.  We have been keen supporters of Electric Vehicles and this upgrade of our charging facilities will benefit visitors and the environment.”

“ChargePoint’s mission is to get every driver behind the wheel of an EV,” said André ten Bloemendal, Vice President of European Commercial Sales at ChargePoint, Inc. “To make that happen, drivers need to be able to charge everywhere they go and whenever they need to do so. We’re delighted that the Bayford Group is supporting the shift to electric mobility by expanding access to charging at Bowcliffe Hall. In partnership with Fulcrum we are very excited to also work with the Bayford Group, which shares our ambitions to support the expansion of EV charging throughout the UK.”