Achieving net zero – a challenge we all have a responsibility to accept

5 Nov 2021

We all have a responsibility to improve the environment around us.  While world leaders have been gathering in Glasgow at COP26 to discuss tackling climate change, the onus is actually on every business, community and individual to help create a low carbon society and protect the planet for future generations.

We have been involved in the energy industry for many years and in that time have seen, and contributed to, its evolution to embark on the journey away from fossil fuels to renewable resources and recognise that we can use our skills, experience and capabilities to play our part.

We are one of the only providers in our field with the broad range of net zero-focused multi-utility expertise and work closely with our customers in housebuilding and Industrial & Commercial markets to provide services that support decarbonising the UK.  This includes connecting and maintaining renewable energy generating infrastructure, including battery storage sites, wind farms and solar farms, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and smart meter exchange programmes.

Increasing the UK’s electrical infrastructure and capacity is absolutely paramount to achieving our net-zero ambitions.  

Across our business, from our UK-wide teams of electrical utility infrastructure teams, our High Voltage technology engineers and our electrical maintenance specialists from our Maintech division, we have the expertise in place.
We also know that it’s not just about what we do as a business, it’s what we do in our business.  Therefore, we made a commitment earlier this year to become carbon neutral on a Scope 1 and Scope 2 basis by 2030.

We take our role seriously and recognise that our contribution to a greener future through the provision of our services has to be matched by a commitment to reduce our own climate impact.

Becoming carbon neutral by 2030 is an ambitious, but achievable and essential strategy.  As I said earlier, we have a shared responsibility as a business and as a society to address climate change and are developing a group-wide culture that will ensure Fulcrum can deliver on its sustainability commitment.

We are encouraged by the positive indications that are already coming out of COP26 and hope that it accelerates the planet’s collective approach to overcoming our environmental challenges.

As a business, we will apply all facets of our services and capabilities to do what we can in helping deliver net-zero.

Terry Dugdale, CEO