Maintenance and ownership

Maintaining and owning the UK’s essential utility infrastructure

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Our expertise

  • Adopting, owning and maintaining I&C electricity and gas infrastructure  
  • Maintaining electrical infrastructure up to 132kV, for private electrical networks and infrastructure that connects wind farms, solar farms and battery storage sites to the grid

Our Strengths

  • A network of retained I&C utility assets generating recurring income 
  • Ability to adopt and own I&C gas and electricity infrastructure
  • Specialist, niche, high voltage maintenance capabilities 
  • Positioned to expand into new geographies and grow market share
  • Highly skilled, engaged and customer focused people, with new talent added in the year


Grow market share through:

  • Selectively adopting and owning I&C utility infrastructure connected by the Group
  • Securing additional maintenance agreements, both standalone and as part of new infrastructure projects

Business Model

Case study

National maintenance framework

28 stores

High-voltage maintenance agreement for every Costco store in the UK. All 28 stores’ maintenance schedules were completed on time and on budget.